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The Start of a New Adventure

admin   |  June 13, 2016  |  0 Comments

The new auction series will be featuring motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis and more. All the stocks include salvage titles, clear titles, repossessed, rebuilt, repairable, donated and parts only units.



Rec Rides operates as a dual-platform live and online auction model. Five flagship branches – IAA Fremont (CA), IAA Los Angeles (CA), IAA Nashville (TN), IAA Orlando North (FL) and IAA Phoenix (AZ) – will conduct their own sales with their own inventory. The rest of IAA’s 170+ branches will pool their inventory to be sold under the online-exclusive Rec Rides auction.

Inventory at the five flagship branches will not be offered in the online-exclusive. These branches will have a separate sale date from their normally scheduled auto auctions that focuses strictly on powersports units.

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